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1130ag Data Rates Disabled but still connecting at these speeds?


I'm just testing some 1130ag access points prior to deployment.

One of things we wanted to do with these access points was to give a minimum connection speed and therefore we were disabling the 1, 2 and 5.5 mbps to force a minimum of 11mbps for b clients and 6mbps for g clients. (and we will also be turning the power down, management will be by WLSE/Airwave AMP).

However testing a b client (Cisco a/b/g card with a & g disabled) is showing connections starting at 2mbps followed by 5.5mbps before fianlly settling on 11mbps (this is testing in the same room as the access point and we checked we are connecting to the correct access point).

I've checked the config and its definitely only showing speeds of 6mbps upwards.

Any ideas?




Re: 1130ag Data Rates Disabled but still connecting at these spe

You will have to change the speed of the connection on the client profile as well. You can do this using the Cisco Aironet Desktop utility. In the profile, select the connnection speeds at which you will like your client to connect. This way it will not try to connect at other speeds.

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Re: 1130ag Data Rates Disabled but still connecting at these spe

Thanks for your answer.


In the Cisco Aironet Desktop utility I'm seeing options for transmit power, wireless mode, power save mode, network type, preamble, adhoc wireless mode and 802.11 authentication mode

I don't see anything for restricting Wireless speeds within modes? (ie only connect at 11mbps in 802.11b, don't connect at 1, 2 or 5.5mbps).

Are you saying that the speed restriction would only work with Cisco Aironet cards anyway? (via the Desktop utility)



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