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1200 access-point, having issues


I am having some issues with my Cisco aironet 1200 access point, would appreciate if someone could help me out.

1) Link shows that i am connected at 11MBs, i have a 802.11G radio in my access point, why not 54MB, i am the only one connected.

2) Trying to configure LEAP for AP1200 non-root device to rood device authentication., can not find the page where i am suppose to define the username and password, cisco DOC has 350 snapshots, 1200 is different.

3) Can the 1200 act as a bridge?



Re: 1200 access-point, having issues

1) Are there any 802.11b clients associated to your access point? How far from the access point are you?

2) Are you using IOS or VxWorks?

3) It is not designed to act as a bridge, but if your clients can reach it that will work. You can use it as a repeater if need be.

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Re: 1200 access-point, having issues

1) The 1200 is not a bridge. the 1400 is your only 'higher speed' bridge option. Of course you can extended your cell coverage by using the 1200's in repeater mode, but keep in mind you need 50% overlap to maintain roaming.

I just installed a G radio in an 1100 and the coverage is absolutely disappointing. Its in its own cell (channel 1) and there are currently no b clients...actually I am the only G client. I set the AP to only allow speeds greater than 24Mbps. I can get maybe 60 feet away before my signal drops, which means my speed would fall below 24. No security, just a mac filter and non-broadcast SSID.

Thoughts? similarities?

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