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Can anyone explain exactly what the "virtual dot11 radio0 " interface does or how it is created . We are having an issue with a single

AP where it is sending a trap for this going up and down . We have literally dozens of other 1230's around and they aren't doing this and all are configured exactly the same .We see no issue with the AP itself. On other 1230's we see this virtual interface and some we don't so I guess I need a better understanding of what this actually does. There seems to be very little info on this on CCO . All AP's are running the exact same code version also . I could turn traps off but don't really want to go that route.

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Re: 1230AG

Try to remove that interface from the AP and then reboot the ap. If that still shows, then verify the vlan configurations. Something must not of took.

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Re: 1230AG

You can't remove that interface , it is a virtual interface that gets created when a certain event happens . I'm trying to figure out what that event is . You can reload the wap and the virtual interface dissappears until the next time the event happens then we get a up/down trap on the virtual interface . Anyone know what creates that virtual interface and what it's actual function is ? I'm about to replace the AP though I am not sure that is going to fix the problem or not . You can see it it get created when you do debug on the virtual interface , it just doesn't tell you what the event was that created it . It looks like it got created when a certain device tried to associate with it but I'm not sure .

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