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1231 AG is dropping connections

I have a 1231 AG that seems to be dropping all it's connections.

It works for a few days or so, I can't seem to figure out if it's time related or not, but it seems to drop all the assoications.

The log shows "Assoication no longer valid" and every device loses it's connection and it comes back 5 minutes later.

Devices include Cisco Wireless cards, 1 1131 acting as a bridge, and a linksys card. I've tried using only certain devices, and it still does it.

Any thoughts?


Re: 1231 AG is dropping connections

It sounds like you have a bad radio module or perhaps it is heat sensitive such that when it gets warm, it stops working.

It's also possible that the power cube / injector is defective (not enough power, loses power when it warms up).

It might also be as simple as re-seating the radio module in the AP .... sometimes oxidization can accumulate on the contacts of the module (re-seating the module would help this too).

Unfortunately, the screws to get into the AP are "posted" Torx (a hollow socket with a pin, so a regular Torx driver can't be inserted).

The radio update modules come with the necessary tool, and they're also available in some "security" bit sets. I think it's a T-8 or T-10 size.

If you have an idea of how long it runs under normal conditions (check the log of power-up time versus when the clients start to drop), try putting the AP in the 'fridge to cool it off, then power it up and see how long it takes before the clients start dropping again.

Make sure it has adequate ventilation and air circulation around the AP so it doesn't overheat.

Give it a shot and let us know.

Good Luck


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Re: 1231 AG is dropping connections

I have a very similar problem with devices losing association. My devices will be associated, 10 seconds later not be in the list, then be in the list but with no IP, then some will be in the list along with new associations. The list of associations seems to change every 10 seconds. The WAP has been working fine for the past 2 years and just started acting up today.

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Re: 1231 AG is dropping connections

I just swapped the non-working WAP with a known working WAP and the

known working is not having any issues. I guess I'll be calling Cisco

for a replacement. Thanks for your help.

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