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1242 unreachable on 4506

Hey all,

I have a strange problem. I just installed a 1242 LWAPP on a 4506 switch. If I set the port to trunk I can't ping the AP and WCS "looses" it. Clients still see the signal, but if I set the switchport to access WCS can see the device and I can ping it, but no clients can pass traffic on it. Is this a limitation of the switch IOS?

Has anyone seen this before?


Re: 1242 unreachable on 4506

I don't think setting the port as trunk will cause any issue. When you have multiple VLANs you have to configure the ports connecting the WLC as a trunk port. However, the port on which the LAP is connected to need not be configured as trunk.

New Member

Re: 1242 unreachable on 4506

if you are installing LWAPP APs you are not supposed to set the port to Trunk mode because this isnt necessary. The APs (assuming you are using Layer 3 mode in your controller) get an IP address and use layer 3 to communicate to the controller but everything else is encapsulated via LWAPP. This means all VLANing is controlled on and by the controller.

This isnt a limitation of the switch IOS. I would look further into your configuration of your controller and go from there. Make sure the ports the controller are connecting into the switch are trunked and the native VLANs are set.

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