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New Member

1250 AP and directional antennas


Can anyone confirm for me what 802.11 standards the 1250 will support with:

A single antenna

Two Antennas

Three antennas?

I gather, from the HW installation guide, that the 1250 will support 802.11B/G/A on a single antenna and N on two or more.

Can anyone confirm or deny?

I have a customer that is looking to assemble a multipoint bridging application with 1250s.

The scenario would be a single root bridge AP with up to three remote APs in bridge mode.

I wasn't aware of any yagi antenna that were supported by the 1250 at this point...

Also, what king od outdoor omni antennas are available for the root? I am not aware of any?

Would MIMO even work with only two antennas? If it would, I am assuming that the lack of full spatial multiplexing would destroy the 'advertized' PHY data rates?

Thanks in advance!


New Member

Re: 1250 AP and directional antennas

If you will stick to Cisco supported antennas only i bellieve your choice will be rather small. Using 3rd party antennas, cables and pigtails shouldnt cause problems if they have the correct specificatons for the frequencies you will use.

We use mainly antennas from Hyperlink and MTI for our outdoor installations. Will probably use 22 and 26dBi flat panel antennas from MTI for our 1250s.

New Member

Re: 1250 AP and directional antennas


I'm intresting too.

How many Antennas you mast have to work in Bridge n-Mode (300Mbit/s)?

Re: 1250 AP and directional antennas

Guys, always remember part 93 of the FCC guidelines when using antennae. Part 93 states you must use a vendor tested and approved antenna or equivalent. To do anything else could create a legal issue. The 1252 is not designed for typical outdoor uses and the MiMo technology doesn't gain you a lot in "no/little multipath" environments for bridging. What is the distance required?

New Member

Re: 1250 AP and directional antennas

It's about 1500ft. Per the Cisco ASSET group, the N solution is only supported for distances under 1 mile. Beyond 1 mile is considered "experimental".

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