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1252 lwapp malfunctioning

Hi Guys

I converted Autonomous AP 1252 to lwapp and it is registered with wlc but I take that ap on console its behaivour is like autonomous AP and

all lwapp command doesn;t work.

any one who can help me in this regard


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Re: 1252 lwapp malfunctioning

When an LWAP has successfully joined a WLC all commands are disabled.  It defeats the purpose as to why you want to configure an LWAP individually when it's being controlled by the WLC.  You want to configure something for a particular LWAP, do it on the WLC.

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Re: 1252 lwapp malfunctioning

yes You are right when lwapp join wlc no all command are disabled bydefault but this time all command are acceptable by AP like show running

show version, its behaviour is like autonomous AP but when I checked it on WLC 4402 where its status is lwapp and registered successfully.

I attached lwapp show run which you noticed its lwapp ios but all configuration is autonomous AP.

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Re: 1252 lwapp malfunctioning

You can use some limited commands but one of the few commands you can't use is the "wr mem", "clear lwapp" or "lwapp".  The reason is because the LWAP already runs the full CAPWAP IOS.  If the LWAP is running the "rcv" image, the "clear lwapp" or "lwapp" command is enabled.

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