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1310 and security camera

I am running a bridge from a 1231g with a yagi antenna to a 1310g with the built in antenna. The distance is only about 400?. I have a security camera on the Ethernet port of the 1310. The problem I am running into is that we lose the video from the camera. I also can?t ping it. The 1310 seems to be up and the Ethernet interface also seems to be up. Nothing shows in the logs. I am not sure if it was just a coincidence, but the camera just came back when I logged into the AP. This last time it did come up on its own but not as soon as I logged into the AP.

Am I doing anything odd by connecting the camera directly to the AP? Has anyone else heard of this? Also, is there an easy way to make sure the antennas are pointing towards each other? I am getting a 54mb connection.

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Re: 1310 and security camera

You can look at the stats on the bridges to see at what speed the majority of your traffic is actully using. You can also use the antenna alignment option to get the antenna's setup correctly.

As for connecting directly to the bridge with the camera, I cannot see any reason why not, I have many sites with a single IP device connected to the bridge with no problem.

Seth Rosenthal, CWNE #55

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