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1310 as a repeater bridge


have a requirement like so:

root bridge -> repeater <-> non-root

all these devices are 1310. i'm getting conflicting info about being able to configure the 1310 as a repeater. one on hand, i see the cli guide saying i can say 'station-role repeater' & another about access point repeater & i've seen some docs stating that both can communicate to root/nonroot bridges.

now the question is - firstly, is this possible? if so, does the non-root associate with the repeater or the root, and does the repeater associate only with the root [if at all?].

i'd like any insight into this. thanks, as always,


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Re: 1310 as a repeater bridge

I don't think this would work. A non-root needs to talk to a root. Plus the bigger problem maybe how one radio points in two different directions. Remember only one antenna works at a time. I would recommend putting a 1242 in the middle and utilize both radio's (g/a). But then you would need another 1242 on one end to talk 802.11a, or a 1400, or another 1242.

1300 - 1242 - 1242.


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Re: 1310 as a repeater bridge

Hi Zak,

I think an omnidirectional antenna can be deployed at the central location so that you can have coverage for Root as well as Non-Root.

Root (Yagi)----------Repeater(Omni)-----------Non-Root(Yagi)

Is this scenario possible?

All the above units being 1300.


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Re: 1310 as a repeater bridge

Hi Sushil,

You maybe correct, this may work. I have never tried to get a non-root to talk to a repeater. From my experience I found that the repeater is responsible for authenticating the remote clients. It doesn't just 'repeat' the RF.

Thanks for your reply


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