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1310 Bridges

We have two sets of 1310 bridges that have been setup point to point from our main building to other buildings on the campus. When they were setup originally they were configured with one SSID and a 802.1q configuration for each allowed VLAN. This was fine when first installed, but now we would prefer to have it act as a transparent bridge and leave the 802.1q to the switches on both ends.

Looking through CCO I have been having trouble finding a configuration example that would allow transparent Layer 2 tunneling of the traffic (aka use them as a long patch cable). Ideally we would still want management access to the devices, but not necessarily a must have. Any tips or pointers?

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Re: 1310 Bridges


If you dont mind can you paste current configs from 2 APs (root and non-root)?

You have to configure 801.q on wired side anyway.

I would also ask about VTP. Is it possible to transmit VTP trough wireless?

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Re: 1310 Bridges

Right now they are configured using 802.1q per the Cisco documentation for VLANs across wireless.

What I don't understand is why a LAYER 2 Bridge device can't simply BRIDGE the packets transparently. I had older Proxim Tsunami bridges that did just that, other than configuring the security key and pointing them at each other they were simply there like a very long patch cable as far as the switches were concerned.

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Re: 1310 Bridges

So my questions wiil be:

1) According to Cisco you need to configure separate SSID for each VLAN.

According to users from this forum 1 SSID maped to native vlan is good enough.

2) dot11 ssid XXX

authentication network-eap eap_methods



Is it fine for each ssid, or infrastructure is only native SSID?

3) Under interface Dot11Radio0

should we add encryption vlan X key N size 128bit 7 sdfnsdfjndosfsdnf transmit-key, for each vlan?

4) Then here

encryption vlan X mode wep mandatory, for each vlan ?

5) Then bridge VLANNAME route ip, for each vlan?

I have issues between switch 3750 and AP1300 (

BVI is correctly configured but I still can not ping it from the switch (

On switch I have basic configuration.

"switchport nonegotiate" - I do not use it as well as "switchport trunk native vlan 1"

Any ideas?

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Re: 1310 Bridges


hope you are all doing well,

I have an LAP 1310 has joined with WLC 4402 and I need to downgrade it to Autonomous to use it as a bridge, I used a command (config ap tftp-downgrade tftp-server-ip-address filename access-point-name) from the console in my WLC where the LAP1310 joined and the LAP1310 load the Image from tftp successfully but after it reboot I notice it still searching for WLC to get new image, and join it again, how can I do a Downgrade from LAP to Autonomous in a right way?

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