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1410 Bridges Deauthenticate Issues

I have 3 bridges setup in this fasion.

CHS_MLK ---- CHS_ROOT ----CHS_720

CHS_MLK and 720 are both on buildings.  CHS_Root is the root bridge and it is mounted within line of sight of the other two bridges.  There is less than half a mile between the MLK and ROOT and 720 and ROOT.  For the past week, I've been getting deauthentication messages from the root bridge.

Jan 22 10:13:24.930 GMT Interface Dot11Radio0, Station CHS_MLK xxxx.xxxx.xxxx  Reassociated KEY_MGMT[NONE]

Jan 22 10:13:24.683 GMT Interface Dot11Radio0, Deauthenticating Station xxxx.xxxx.xxxx Reason: Previous authentication no longer valid

Jan 22 10:13:24.682 GMT Packet to client xxxx.xxxx.xxxx reached max retries,  removing the client

It's strange because the connection isn't flapping all the time.  Sometimes, it's very stable.  The flapping seems to be happening mostly at night.  However, it did happen this morning.  I have ran the following command on the root bridge.

chsroot#dot11 Dot11Radio  0 carrier busy

chsroot#sho dot11  carrier busy
Frequency  Carrier  Busy %
---------  --------------
   5745          0
   5765           0
   5785          0
   5805          0

This is the IOS versions of all bridges.

CHS_MLK:   12.4(3g)JA1
CHS_ROOT:    12.3(2)JA2
CHS_720:   12.3(2)JA2

I've reloaded all the bridges and this issue is still happening.  I'm at a loss here.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!

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Re: 1410 Bridges Deauthenticate Issues

Was this ever resolved? What was the outcome. Our p2p out of the blue last

night started doing this. Factory defaulted everything, reloaded the flash,

replaced the cables.

At a loss here.


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