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2.5G deployment infrastructure

Question 1:

In what scenarios do operators require to add new base stations to migrate from 2G to 2.5G (GSM/TDMA to GPRS or CDMA to IS95B). I hear different versions on the topic: new cell sites "may be" necessary in some cases, or, that in other cases only upgrades(what in specific is upgraded)to "existing" base stations are required for 2.5G deployment.

Question 2:

What is the implication on -48Vdc power plants in all 2.5G circumstances? Where will additional or upgraded -48Vdc power plants be required to feed telecom equipment. Will the implication of 2.5G prolong the growth of +24Vdc power plants to power telecom equipment.

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Re: 2.5G deployment infrastructure

We have a group of small ISP's in Metro Cebu and we want to set up our own independent local loop to help decongest internet bandwidth. We're considering using wireless for some of the links. Would anybody be able to recommend a cisco point-to-point bridge that is priced to go? Can they be installed by our own technical people? How much money do we need to prepare? Who resells them for Cisco in Metro Cebu? We would want the 2.4ghz band equipment. Thanks.

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