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2 controllers - Cisco 526 wireless mobility Controller


My setup consist of 2 controllers(Cisco 526) and 8APs.

Cisco documentation has stated that it supports for 2 controllers per network. But has not shown how to configure it.

Please advise on how i can configure the 2nd controller to aid 8APs.

How would the APs be managed by 2 controllers? Do i see both controllers as 1 virtual controller on the GUI/CCA, or do i have to manage 2 separate Cisco 526 controller.

Please advise


Re: 2 controllers - Cisco 526 wireless mobility Controller

You'll need to manage two separate controllers, unfortunately. You simply need to give them identical configurations (with different IP addresses), and they'll work together to service the access points. The APs will associate to whichever controller has more available slots, and the APs should find the other controller in case theirs goes down.

I'm not too familiar with 526 configs, but you should be able to configure the APs to use a specific primary and secondary controller. Look under the AP configuration once the APs have associated to a controller.


Re: 2 controllers - Cisco 526 wireless mobility Controller

2 separate controllers. Configure the two of them identically (other than IP addresses, obviously).

If your network can be divided into two logical areas- building wings, floors, north vs south, etc- then try to put the APs from one area on one controller and the other ones on the other.

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