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2100 Series maximum of 256 clients?

Really the title has it all..

I don't find any documentation anywhere that indicates that there is any maximum client count usable using a 2100 series access point controller... We had two lightweight access points connected, and added a third, but this number was not affected.

Monitoring the system using the web interface the client count goes to 256 and connected clients goes to 256, and then no further clients are accepted...

Please tell me how I can overcome this apparent limit?

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Re: 2100 Series maximum of 256 clients?

Can someone tell me where I can ask my question and get an answer?

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Re: 2100 Series maximum of 256 clients?

Hi Jim,

I know that this is not the "exact" reference that you were looking for, but this number is not spelled out in any 2100 Series documentation. This was the closest reference that I could find after searching the other day and today;

Q. Are the Cisco Wireless LAN Controller Modules functionally similar to any other Cisco wireless LAN controllers?

A. All Cisco Wireless LAN Controllers support the same software functionality. The differences between the models are related to interfaces and capacity. From an overall (hardware and software) perspective, the WLCM is most similar to the Cisco 2106 Wireless LAN Controller. The primary differences are:

An integrated services router with a Cisco Wireless LAN Controller Module and Cisco EtherSwitch® Module can connect 6, 8 or 12 LWAPP enabled Cisco Aironet access points without a separate switch, versus six for the Cisco 2006 router. Cisco Aironet access points can be connected to an Ethernet switch module on the integrated services router (e.g., 4, 9, 16, 24, and 48-port modules with Power over Ethernet [PoE]).

Q. How many simultaneous wireless clients can be supported by the Cisco Wireless LAN Controller Modules?

A. 256.

From this doc;

Hope this helps!


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