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2504 WLC + OEAP602I + Wireless Printer = Poor Discovery

Hello.  I'm having some trouble getting wireless clients to discover wireless printers on a WLAN identified on a 2504 controller via Office Extend 600 AP's.  On a similar network configured on a 5508 with 1142's, it appears to work fine.

From the 2504 (Controller: General)

  Broadcast Forwarding: Enabled

  Multicast Mode: Multicast,

From the 2504 (Controller: Multicast)

  Enable Global Multicast Mode: Yes

  Enable IGMP Snooping: Yes

  IGMP TImeout: 60

  IGMP Query Interval: 20

From 2504 (WLAN: Advanced)

  P2P Blocking Action: Disabled

I can ping the IP's of the laptop and printer from the ASA and controller.  However discovery rarely finds the printer, or takes a VERY long time.  What am I missing?

Cisco Employee

2504 WLC + OEAP602I + Wireless Printer = Poor Discovery

check OEAP 600 support for Multicast. It may work intermittently and may not be supported by cisco.

my opinion, Multicast doesn't work on OEAP 600 and there is no doc for the same.

Community Member

2504 WLC + OEAP602I + Wireless Printer = Poor Discovery

Taking the advice of another implementer, I moved the WLAN to the AP instead of on the controller.  Wireless printer works like a charm.  Might have to do with latency getting back to the controller, or the size of the subnet for the IP's handed out by the controller instead of the smaller one for the AP... Not entirely sure at this point.

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