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350 Bridge - seeing other AP and bridge

I have install 3 bridge 350 CISco wireless. When I chak out the network map it can also detect some other AP and a bridge not in our network. How do I prevent that. I didnt Allow "Broadcast" SSID to Associate which I think will to it but it didnt.

Is it possible if some one could guide me to prevent my network map seeing the other sites.

All my bridge are: Cisco 350 Series Bridge 12.00T and one of them using an omni directional antennas while the other 2 associated sites are using yagi (directional antennas)


Re: 350 Bridge - seeing other AP and bridge

If you are routing across WAN, just try blocking the MAC address of the APs at the point where the LAN connects to the WAN. Other than this, there is no setting that can be changed on the APs to allow or disallow one AP to see another.

Community Member

Re: 350 Bridge - seeing other AP and bridge

Have you got a technical document that explains the mechanisms and protocols used by the AP to see other AP in the network map table?

Is it by the wireless interface or the ethernet interface that thei are leraning the neighbours

Cisco Employee

Re: 350 Bridge - seeing other AP and bridge

The best way to block the other devices getting connected/associated with yout bridge is using "Mac Address Filtering"

That way you can enter the mac address of the devices that you want to allow association and block the rest. That way they can't interfear. Visit following link for that to configure "mac address filtering" on 350 bridge

Cisco Employee

Re: 350 Bridge - seeing other AP and bridge

Sounds like you are using the same SSID as these other devices.

Change SSID on all of your devices and then I doubt you will see then in the network association map

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