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350 Bridge-Yagi to 350 AP-Omni

I am trying something new and cannot get a particular configuration to work.

I have a yagi antenna connected to an Aironet 350 Bridge set as Non-Root w/Clients pointing to an 2.2 dbi Omni antenna connected to an Aironet 350 AP.

Both systems are running firmware version 12.04

When I initiate the Antenna Alignment test, the Bridge can see the AP. I get 46% signal strength and 100% signal quality.

However, the bridge will not associate with the AP.

Why? Shouldn't this work? After all, the bridge is just a PCMCIA card with an antenna attached to it. All I'm doing is pointing a really strong antenna to the AP.

What configurations should I check?

I know that if I replace the AP with another 350 bridge and point another YAGI back at the first one, it will work, but I'm trying to use existing infrastructure and not climb a 200ft tower.

I also tried connecting to an existing Yagi that is set as Non-Root w/Clients, but it wouldn't act as a repeater.

Need help!




Re: 350 Bridge-Yagi to 350 AP-Omni

The bridge will only associate with the access point if it is configured as either an Root Access Point or a Repeater Access Point. The way you have the bridge configured now will only associate with another bridge. Look over the following configuration guide for the bridge as it has the definitions for the Role in Radio Network.

Community Member

Re: 350 Bridge-Yagi to 350 AP-Omni

Yeah, I found that out after trying different configurations. The problem with this configuration is that the bridge loses it's Ethernet connection.

But, at least I have a definitive answer now.



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