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New Member

350 WAP flash problems

I have a 350 AP that at one point had IOS on it. it seems to have no files in the flash right now... i'm trying to load ios back onto it using tftp... the tftp_init command doesn't seem to do anything and i get a permission denied error when i try to tar -extract from a tftp server to the flash... is there another way to get a tar file onto the device, through xmodem directly in hyperterminal for example?

does it matter if the files are the original name? i've shortened them to easier remember them...


Re: 350 WAP flash problems

Check this out for IOS upgrade problems.

Release Notes for Cisco Aironet Conversion Upgrade Image 2.0 for Cisco IOS Software for Cisco Aironet 350 Series Access Points

New Member

Re: 350 WAP flash problems

that doesn't seem to help, i have a newer version of the bootloader on there that doesn't respond to the same commands... i have the following

C350 Boot Loader (C350-BOOT-M) Version 12.2(13)JA

TAC Support:

ap: ?

? -- Present list of available commands

arp -- Show arp table or arp-resolve an address

boot -- Load and boot an executable image

cat -- Concatenate (type) file(s)

clear_ether -- clear ethernet port statistics

clear_phy_stat -- clear phy statistics

copy -- Copy a file

delete -- Delete file(s)

dir -- List files in directories

ether_init -- initialize ethernet port

fec_speed_read -- read fec speed

fec_speed_write -- write fec speed

fec_wire_loop -- ehternet external wire loopback

flash_init -- Initialize flash filesystem(s)

format -- Format a filesystem

fsck -- Check filesystem consistency

help -- Present list of available commands

led_test -- cycle led patterns

memory -- Present memory heap utilization information

mkdir -- Create dir(s)

mkdir -- Create dir(s)

phy_read -- read phy register

-- MORE --

phy_status -- display phy status

phy_write -- write phy register

read -- read at address

rename -- Rename a file

reset -- Reset the system

rmdir -- Delete empty dir(s)

set -- Set or display environment variables

set_baud -- set baud rates

set_sleep -- Pause (sleep) for a specified number of seconds

show_ether -- show ethernet port statistics

show_fec_queues -- show fec queues

show_fec_reg -- display fec registers

show_packet_buf -- show packet buffers allocation

tar -- extract or listing a tar file

test ram -- read at address

tftp_init -- Initialize tftp file system

type -- Concatenate (type) file(s)

unset -- Unset one or more environment variables

version -- Display boot loader version

write -- write at address

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