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350APC and wireless vlans

I have a 350 Access point running 12.0T software with a laptop running ACU 5.05 and most up to date drivers. I am getting problems when I am setting up vlans that correspond to ssid. The native vlan appears to work all the time, however when I change the profile to jump into another vlan and do dhcp renew etc I initially get an ip address etc and it says I am authenticated then almost straight away it de-associates the laptop with the message

Disassociating [NETTEAM10]"mac-address" reason "Can Not Support All Requested Capabilities"

this continuously scrolls away, the only way I can get it to work is to set a profile then reboot the access point, and then it only works for approx 10 mins. When I look in Associations it appears that the card always wants to stay in the native vlan even if I deassociate it etc


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Re: 350APC and wireless vlans

What are you using for your network adapter? If Cisco, what firmware, driver, and ACU version are you running?

I've seen this message surrounding the use of TKIP and/or MIC on the AP, however, the adapter in question doesn't support those features.

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Re: 350APC and wireless vlans

It is an Aironet 350 pcmcia running 8.23 firmware and 5.05 ACU, running on a win98 box, I have also tested it with XP but still no luck, It still seems like the adapter always wants to stay in the native vlan.


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