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3G-ANTM-OUT-COMBO Comes with antenna cable?

Has anyone had any experience with the 3G-ANTM-OUT-COMBO product?  I've got a couple images that show it with a cable, but everything I've found says that it doesn't come with an antenna cable.  Can anyone confirm if it comes with a cable or not?  If so, is it a TNC cable that will go right into the hwic?

Thanks in advance,


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Re: 3G-ANTM-OUT-COMBO Comes with antenna cable?

Hi Rick,

I can confidently say that the 3G-ANTM-OUT-COMBO doesn't come with any cabling. In the box you get the Antenna, wall/pole bracket (with clips) and a lightening Arrestor.

If you want cabling this has to be purchased separately.

To answer the second part of your question, yes the cabling is typically TNC terminated, male at one end and female at the other, so yes it does connect directly to your router and the antenna.


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3G-ANTM-OUT-COMBO Comes with antenna cable?

below photo shows the contents of the 3G-ANTM-OUT-COMBO.  The antenna, lightning arrestor all are TNC. I'm using this with the 50ft / 15 m outdoor cablenote this cable also has TNC connectors, so this set can be directly connected to the main antenna port of an C881G+7 router or EHWIC card like EHWIC-4G-LTE-G (although that is a 4G card i'm using it for 3G HSPA). For 4G cisco is advising to use the nearly similar 4G antenna with 4g cabling, main difference is the use of Type N connectors. The 4g cabling has on the router side a TNC connector and on the antenna side a type N connector (if I understood correctly). One thing totally not clear for me is if 4g or hspa+ requires the use of 2 antennas or not - but that is a different topic. This post is just to summarize the issues / unclarity I ran into at putting together an outdoor antenna/router kit.


The cable


it all screws together - the final installation is of course including brackets and ground wire




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