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5508 and 4402 Controller Anchoring?


I am running 5508 wireless controllers. I pass along another agency's WLAN across my wireless network that is anchored to their older 4402 controller.

I wish to run the new 3600 series APs and am planning on migrating to NCS and the new 7.2 code.

I know that the older 4400 series controllers will not handle the newer 7.1 or 7.2 code. However, i still wish to maintain this anchor relatiosnhip with the older 4402 controller. I need to know if this will work or not.

Surely someone else has encountered this?




Re: 5508 and 4402 Controller Anchoring?

Although it hasn't been updated for the 7.2 releases yet this is a good starting point

One could assume that with the way all releases after 5.1(which should read 5.2) are compatible, a 7.2 to a 7.0 anchoring should continue ti work.


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5508 and 4402 Controller Anchoring?

Sent this one to TAC... they said it should work fine.

I am planning a large deployment that depends heavily on the 3600 series AP...

Not anchoring with older controllers would be a show stopper..or at least bring the project to a crawl...

I'm already trying to figure out a workaround for surveying with the 3600 AP when i cant even run it. 

(7.1, and 7.2 will not work with WCS...I already tried running it and it broke my ability create guest accounts...I was impressed with the 3600 AP though...).

I have to wait until I can get NCS purchased to migrate to the 7.2 code

Not looking for anymore surprises....


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