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5508 controller

I have a 5508 WLC. Where do I increase the session time for a WLAN session? We have a BYOD segment and have been getting complaints that users are being disconnected after about 45 minutes.                  


5508 controller

The  smaller of this value or the session timeout for the guest WLAN, which  is the WLAN on which the guest account is created, takes precedence. For  example, if a WLAN session timeout is due to expire in 30 minutes but  the guest account lifetime has 10 minutes remaining, the account is  deleted in 10 minutes upon guest account expiry. Similarly, if the WLAN  session timeout expires before the guest account lifetime, the client  experiences a recurring session timeout that requires authentication.

You  can change a guest user account with a non-zero lifetime to another  lifetime value at any time while the account is active. However, to make  a guest user account permanent or to change a permanent account to a  guest account, you must delete the account and create it again.
Please  Check the below guide for WLC-User’s Sessions Management:

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Re: 5508 controller

Hi Sean,

You can change this via GUI or CLI. see below details

1. In GUI

WLAN -> (select wlan id)  -> Advanced -> Change the timeout value in seconds "Enable session timeout" section.

By default it is 1800s (30 min), in your case if client disconnect every 45 min, this may set to 2700s. Increase this value to large enough to meet your requiremlent (for 4 hrs 14400s, ect). If you do not want to clien session time out you can disable this by untick this check box.

2. In CLI You can do the following on WLC. In CLI you have to disable WLAN before changing this values, so it cause distruption to users.

(WLC) >config wlan disable

(WLC) >config wlan session-timeout

(WLC) >config wlan enable

(WLC) >save config

Are you sure you want to save? (y/n) y

"show wlan " can be used to verify the correct settings



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5508 controller

5508 controller

Agreed with the Solution provided by Rashika, please follow it, GUI and CLI mode!!

5508 controller

Nice sloution given by Rashika +5

VIP Purple

5508 controller

Thanks Ravi... could not see the rating on my response though

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