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5508 wlc update problem


one of our customers wants to update the firmware of a 5508 wlc, but always gets the following error message:

Error Message   %UPDATE-3-INV_FILE_SIGN: Error! Invalid image signature!. Image may be corrupt.

but the same image works fine on another 5508.

any  ideas? the update was downloaded via a smartnet for the wlc, on which  the update works fine. does the customer has to download another image  for the second controller, or should the image work on both wlc?

thanks for any help!

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Cisco Employee

5508 wlc update problem

Verify if the MD5 value matches the one mentioned for the image on Cisco Site.

Are you using different servers while doing the transfer for the same image  to the two different controllers?

What is the current image you are running and the one you wanna go for ? make sure that you are following the correct

upgrade path by checking the instructions mentioned in the release notes of the target image.

to verify if it is hardware failure or not you need to enable the following debug:

debug transfer trace enable


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5508 wlc update problem


thanks for your answer.

told customer to activate the debug function and to check the result.

will keep you updated.

our customer wanted to update from 7.2.103 to 7.2.110. but also had the same problem when he tried to downgrade the firmware.

the tftp server was the same for both controllers and the settings, according to the customer, were ok.

Cisco Employee

5508 wlc update problem

superimpose the same image & try upgrade.

try ftp & tftp.

(WLC)>debug transfer trace enable.

If the same image worked on other WLC then probably you need an RMA.

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