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5508 wlc with 1142 wap

I am wanting to know about methods of getting a wap to join a wlc.  I’ve got 5508 wlc’s and the wap’s are the 1142’s.  Are there other methods of getting wap’s to join wlc’s other than option 43 of dhcp?  Also,  is it possible to get a wap to automatically join a secondary controller if the first one it is trying to join is full?

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these are the methods:

these are the methods:

0 - broadcast
1 - configured
2 - OTAP
3 - dhcp server
4 - dns


check this link:



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 The wap’s do not seem to be


The wap’s do not seem to be finding the other controller when being added.  They just look for one controller only and do not attempt to find the other.  Also, on the wap’s, when you enter the primary and secondary controller on the controller admin site.  It does not move the wap’s to the other controller as primary.  The secondary controller has 11 wap’s to go before full.  The primary controller is full 

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Hi , Normally you provide

Hi ,


Normally you provide both the WLCs ip address via methods which Sandeep just mentioned or Option 43. AP will send Discovery request to all but will join the least loaded based on the Discovery responses.




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