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5GHz only wireless access point?

Does Cisco offer a WAP with ONLY 5GHz? We are deploying a lot of 2600 APs currently, but with only 5GHz turned on as a majority of our medical students have 5GHz capable devices (we all know about the lack of flexibility with 2.4GHz). It seems like a waste of money to buy a dual band radio, and then not use it. I would think it would be cheaper to manufacture as well. Is this an option for Cisco?

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may be in future when all

may be in future when all consumer devices move on to 5GHz everyone of those support 802.11ac.

If you think about in general, how many customers would buy 5GHz only AP knowing that they may require to support in 2.4GHz. Even you support 5GHz it is safe to get a dual band (so you have the flexibility)




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In that case, then you can

In that case, then you can deploy a single dual-band AP within the group of 5GHz AP's.

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This question has been asked

This question has been asked in Partner VT's with Cisco and having two 5ghz or only a single 5ghz might happen due to manufacturing changes. Maybe one day it would happen, but not anytime soon. There are vendors that still only make 2.4ghz like Vocera and its big in healthcare. 


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