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7921 will not pick up an IP address

I just recieved new 7921 phones. I cannot get them to pick up a dhcp address

I keep getting DHCP "Timeout's"  and " Configuring IP" .

The ould 7921's and the new 7925's work just fine. I have tried removing and

reconfiguring the WLAN and Interface on the Controllers. I even removed and reconfigured

the DHCP scope in Infoblox. I am at a lost. Any ideas?

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Re: 7921 will not pick up an IP address

Excuse the basic questions, but have you ensured there are free addresses in the DHCP scope? Are the other working 7921/5's in the same WLAN? If this is a new WLAN, are "ip helpers" setup on the L3 interface sitting on the switch/router if your Infoblox appliance is in another subnet?


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Re: 7921 will not pick up an IP address


Try resetting your phone to factory defaults.

Alternatively, browse to the phone's WLAN settings and you will find an option to "release dhcp." Set this option to 'yes' and exit/save changes. (recalling from memory; these may not be the exact steps.)

I've noticed address stickiness with dhcp config in the 7921 before.


... typd on tny kybrd

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Re: 7921 will not pick up an IP address

Thanks for the information. However, When I updated the code to 1.4.2 the phone came up.

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