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802.11a Site Survey

Our University has recieved funding to do a Campus Wide site survey to implement 802.11a wireless lan. Two questions. 1)How will we be able to do an acurate 802.11a site survey without the Cisco equipment being released? 2)Is Cisco slow to release 802.11a because they may want to go in a different direction like 8902.11g or something else?

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Re: 802.11a Site Survey

Not too sure about the first part..

From what I've heard, Cisco has a 802.11a bridge in development at the moment (code-named 'Pegasus' apparently).

I'm sure they'll do 802.11g, but that's at least a few years away, so it's likely they've got 802.11a products on the way.

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Re: 802.11a Site Survey

You can do one of two things:

1. Buy a non-Cisco AP and CardBus (not PCMCIA for .11a) ket. The wavelength is the same and the power output should be close, so the only variable is Atheros vs. Cisco chipsets locking onto specific rates as the signal strength goes down.

2. Buy two CardBus cards and run ad-hoc (or find a PC-based AP utility to make a portable look like an AP.

If you are not ready for this expense and effort we can do it for you.

Matthew Wheeler

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