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877w multiple SSID and VLAN specific WEP keys

Hello, I've hit a problem with a Cisco 877w dot11radio interface which is incosistent with the Cisco AP config. In summary I have 2 SSID's and 2 Vlans bridged. Association works fine to both SSID's and no connectivity issues when no encryption set. I then set a Vlan 2 Wep key then tried to vlan 1 wep key and it errors:

% Key is not accepted.

No more than 1 static key sets can be configured for Dot11Radio0

My 877 config attached as well as a config I built and works fine on a 1242 AP.

Any advice?


Re: 877w multiple SSID and VLAN specific WEP keys

Please keep in mind that you will need the ADV. IP SERVICES feature set. The ADV security feature set will not have support for multiple VLAN's.

Here are the instructions on how to configure WEP keys for each VLAN.

1. 871#conf t

2. 871(config)#int Dot11 0

3. 871(conf-if)#encryption vlan key 1 size 128 transmit-key

4. 871(conf-if)#encryption vlan mode wep mandatory

You will need to repeat step 3 & 4 for each vlan-id.

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