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access-list & AP 1230 web browser interface out of sync please help


I created a filter that locked me out wirelessly and ethernet also. I used the CLI interface to issue the command "no access-list 700" which took effect without a problem.

Now I am back to the web browser application trying to set a filter again, this time I will make sure that it filters just wireless...

Anyway, the web browser interface is showing me an annoying message saying

"700 filter was configured on interface Dot11radio0 using CLI, it must

be cleared via CLI to ensure proper operation of the web interface"

I entered "clear interface dot11radio0" but it did stop that message from the web interface.

Please help


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Re: access-list & AP 1230 web browser interface out of sync plea

from the cli did you just remove it from the interface or the whole config ?

The access list has 2 parts

1. the access list this is where you define what to macth on

2. appiled to interface this is where you tell the device where to apply this matchs


interface ethernet 0

ip address

ip access-group 1 in access list 1 is applied here inbound

ip access-group 2 out access list 2 is applied here outbound


access-list 1 permit log access list 1 is defined here

access-list 1 deny log


access-list 2 permit log access list 2 is defined here

access-list 2 deny log

Make sure you have removed it completly from both the interface and where it is defined then try again via the web interface

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Re: access-list & AP 1230 web browser interface out of sync plea

Actually what really worked for me was the following:

no access-list 700

no bridge-group input-address-list 700

what is the difference between access-group and bridge-group since this is an AP 1230 not a router.


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