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Access Point issues

I have six AIR-LAP1252AG-E-K9 access points. Users have complained about connection issues. I have noticed in the last three days that certain access points stop working. They just don't allow clients to associate until they are rebooted. Then they work fine. I have resetall of them at least once, but two of them just stop functioning properly. Can anyone tell me why this is? It is not efficient to keep rebooting them.

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Re: Access Point issues

What firmware are you running on your WLC?

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Re: Access Point issues

You could be running into this nasty bug CSCsz05479. It affects both 1250s and 1140s.

"Symptom: An AP1252 may be seen to stop emitting frames, i.e. stop forwarding data from the LAN to the wireless channel."


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Re: Access Point issues

Hii ,

Please login to AP and issue the command "show controller d1" and check the state of Beacons and Probes . If both are enabled and you can see any beacons or frames on air , you might be hitting some bug.

Which code you are using ?

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Re: Access Point issues

What code are you running? Are you doing a large amount of Rogue Containment?

Bug CSCsx70686 will shut down your radios altogether if you are running RLDP and containing a large number of rogues.

Cisco is working on a fix that should be coming out in the next release of WLC 4.2 train.

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Re: Access Point issues

I apologise only replying to one of the messages.

The APs are running:


Software Version

Boot Version

IOS Version 12.4(13d)JA

Mini IOS Version

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