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access points in elevators

Hello, I just want to confirm. Are wireless access points allowed in elevator shafts or should they be outside of the elevator doors?


Re: access points in elevators

Check with the building codes in your area.

If yes, there may be a network cable bundled in wiring loom for the elevator car itself if it is fairly modern.

I didn't plan for it, but we have usable wireless in some of our elevators from access points that are mounted in nearby areas

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Re: access points in elevators

If I were to do it I would plan to have AP's near each "stop" or floor outside of the elevator. If the signal was good enough to penetrate through the elevator doors it would allow you to vertically roam while in the elevator. I'm assuming this would be for voice support in an elevator. Data of course would work too if voice worked. The only issue I can forsee with running a cable down the elevator is limited range of cat5/6 and also you'd have to be aware of the channel assignments of the nearby ap's as the elevator moved the ap inside up and down. It would be a pretty cool feat to overcome if you got it working that way though!

Re: access points in elevators

How tall is your elevator shaft? You can also mount directionals at the top and bottom of a short shaft. 150 to 200 feet or less.

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