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Add a 3rd 3850 to a stack?

I've done this twice now and each time it wipes the stack config?

Anybody confirm the correct way to action?

Thanks in advance,

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Add a 3rd 3850 to a stack?

Hi Carl,

Check these points:

1. Make sure that the stack cables are tightly and securely in each switch(don't forget to loop the last cable back up to switch 1 to complete the ring)

2. Set the PRIORITY of your desired "Active" ( Master)  to 15 and boot first, number the switch you would like to be the "Standby" 14 and reload him.  The rest of the switches will become "Members"  "renumbering" is great, but you want to set priority if you want to dictate who becomes Active/Standby.

3. run "show switch stack-ports summary" and post output


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Thanks Guys,Really helpful

Thanks Guys,

Really helpful links, I also had to get the switchs all on the same ios.  I found this brief post helpful .  I should of searched before a bit better, hope this helps others.

Lessons learned, make sure the switch your adding is turned off before adding.  Otherwise the stack will reload & possibly lose the config on all.


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VIP Purple

Add a 3rd 3850 to a stack?

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Also, keep in mind the amount

Also, keep in mind the amount of power you are adding (the switch iteslf and any POE devices) if you are using a UPS.

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