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Adding autonomous AP in WCS

I have come across this error before and I would like to know what causes this to happen. Here is the error:

"Failed to add device to WCS Reason: COMMON-1: Some unexpected internal error has occured. If the problem persists please report to the Tech Support."

I am trying to convert this AP to lightweight through WCS, but cannot get past adding it as autonomous in WCS.


Re: Adding autonomous AP in WCS

I had this issue a few times... not too sure why it occurs, but I could solve it by:

- removing the autonomous AP from WCS (sometimes, it fails to be added, but you see it in your AP count).

- rebooting WCS

- making sure that both the SNMP communities and AP credentials were correct when adding the AP to the WCS...

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Re: Adding autonomous AP in WCS

You are trying to ADD an Autonomous AP to WCS? I don't think you can do this. The WCS/WLC combo is for LWAP only.

Convert the aAP to LWAP and the WCS will "detect" the new LWAP via the WLC.

Re: Adding autonomous AP in WCS

You can add autonomous AP to WCS, no problem with that, the management is limited though:

Chapter: Viewing Autonomous Access Points in WCS

There are a few bugs in WCS, what version of WCS and what model and version of autonomous APare you running?

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Re: Adding autonomous AP in WCS


We are running WCS version and this is a 1242 AP. System image file is "flash:/c1240-k9w7-mx.124-10b.JDA3/c1240-k9w7-mx.124-10b.JD


The sad part is that this AP was shipped to Thailand as lightweight. When it arrived they were having problems and someone decided to convert it back to autonomous. I have run into this error before and could not find a resolution other than erasing the flash and starting over. It is a bit more difficult when the AP is in Thailand though.

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Re: Adding autonomous AP in WCS

I just ran into this issue and the solution was fairly simple in my case.  This AP was being redeployed.  We have a few hundred AP's in out network in a mix of CAPWAP and Autonomous.  This AP wqas never removed from the WCS.  I depeted it and readded and things went fine from there.  Its unfortunate that the error message is so vague.  "Mac already exists in database" would be so much more helpful.

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