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Again about WMIC 3205

Good morning! I write again about the WMIC 3205 used on MAR3200 wireless router: so I hope that there is a Cisco wireless expert able to help me.

First question: I know that the 802.11a frequencies supported by 1240AG Access Points are:

2,412 to 2,472 GHz (13 channels)

5,15 to 5,35 GHz (8 channels)

5,470 to 5,725 MHz (11 channels)

So I can read in the 1240AG datasheet.

My question is: for 3205 WMIC, 802.11 WMIC for 3200MAR, which are the frequencies supported? Are the same? In affermative case, can I use this card only in client configuration? Because seems that Cisco can't sell the 3205 WMIC for a problem related a DFS changes. But I want to use the MAR3200 like a client,not like an AP. Please, i need urgently your answers.

Thanks in advance. Best regards. Alberto

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Re: Again about WMIC 3205

To allow your other PC104 components in your MAR to connect to over a wireless network you can configure the 3205WMIC as a workgroup bridge.

You then configure your 1240AG as a root bridge.

Looking at the data sheet the 3205 is a standard 802.11a capable radio

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Re: Again about WMIC 3205

Mark, I don't know if i have explained well my problem. I know how I have to configure the access points and the WMIC on the MARs. The problem is that Cisco dosn't want to sell th 3205 WMIC because it isn't compliant (i think, really, the IOS version) with EN 301893 v.1.5.1 and 1.6.1 ETSI requirements (related to DFS capabilities). Then I would know which solution Cisco propose or if Cisco is thinking to release a new IOS version for WMIC or what

Thank in advance

Best regards


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