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AIR-AP1041N Failure

I decided to take the WiFi plunge to support my new Droid3 smartphone, which is 802.11g capable and connects fine at work.  This AP (externally powered) was able to start up on my home LAN and obtain an IP address from DHCP services offered by an old SonicWall SOHO2.  Relying on the IOS Configuration Guide, I was unable to get it to produce a signal that was detectable by my phone, which had no trouble detecting a few signals from my neighbors (I live in a house).  I had the radio enabled, and configured it to autoselect the least used channel, which happened to be 9. 

Running out of ideas, one day I noticed it was configured for a static IP address and mindlessly set it to DHCP.  Of course I lost ethernet connection; so I repowered it.  I ended up with a solid green Status LED, but no joy for an HTTP connection.  I decided to reset it by powering it up with the Mode button depressed.  Instead of getting the documented amber color from the Status LED after 1 to 2 seconds, I got a flashing blue, followed by a flashing green, followed by a solid green.  It failed to register an IP address via the SOHO2 DHCP; so, I repowered with the Mode button depressed one more time.  Only this time, the Status LED no longer lights up, nor does the Ethernet LED.  I suspect it's bricked. 

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Re: AIR-AP1041N Failure

You need to console into the ap and provide use the output of what is bring logged. This will help use direct you on what you need to do next.

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Re: AIR-AP1041N Failure

I borrowed a Cisco DB-9 to RJ-45 cable from work and attempted to connect to the console using Putty on Windows XP set to 9600 baud, 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit and no flow control.  As I suspected, I obtained no connection; xon/xoff flow control did not improve things.  This device is looking more and more like a frisbee. 

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