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AIR-BR350 Serious Problem! Please HELP!!!!

Good afternoon. Help me, please, if anyone knows how.

I've got three devices AIR-BR350-A-K9 and they are working.

AP (their antennas) are in distance of some meters from each other and they are directed to the three different districts of the town.

The version of the firmware is 11.23

There are from 5 to 20 clients on each of them in the distance of 5-10 km.

All the clients have the cisco 350 series adapters.

All the clients are authenticated by the MAC adresses.

The problem is that the device AIR-BR350-A-K9

unexpectedly stops working properly in the rush hours for 5 (to 30 seconds), I

mean it completely crashes. They don't answer the "ping" commands and don't forward the packets between the clients. But in a few (5-30) seconds the devices start working again and there's no problem with them.

They all work perfectly in the mornings and in the in the evenings.

MRTG performs very little load of the ethernet and radio ports of each AP - no

more than 200-300 kb/c

There's no noise in the air (it's checked up and known exaxtly)

After the devices "become alive" the mistake counter (i.e. Total Errors =

Overrun Packets) increases in the statistics of the network interfaces.

These's nothing in the .log files exept the one thing that all the nodes


Sometimes a recording appears in the .log file of AP: station[xxxx] roamed, though this node is associated with another IP. Is this normal?

Thank you very much. Looking forward your replyes.

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Re: AIR-BR350 Serious Problem! Please HELP!!!!

We need to know if you have seen any error messages at console when the problem happens at bridges..Pl. plug the console and have it running to capture any possible error messages..

There is one bug open in that area where bridges are experiencing black-outs for a while and its starts working again..If that issue is easily re-creatable, We do need more information for that. So lets see what console port reports when issue occurs.

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Re: AIR-BR350 Serious Problem! Please HELP!!!!


Yes. I plugged the console to the bridge and start watching the screen messages appear on it.

And threre WAS NOT any unusual messages. All messages on console screen were the SAME as in bridge primary log when this problem appear again for the several times.

Bridges are piriodicaly became down again for the 20-40 seconds.

We replace bridges for the new ones (also 350 series) but that problem does not solve.

I think that there is a problem with ethernet port. Because after bridge starts working again (after blocking) the counter of errors on ethernet interface increases and

Overrun packets counter increases too.

What is the overrun packets?? Because of what it occurs??

Thank you for your reply.

Cisco Employee

Re: AIR-BR350 Serious Problem! Please HELP!!!!

Overrun Packets on the Ethernet that were discarded packets because the bridge had a temporary overload of packets to handle.

Now that can happen becuse of it ethernet is bombarded by continuous packets which it can't process in timely manner..So we need to know the about the traffic flow in your network. So pl. watch it carefully about any broadcasts which are generated continuously..etc..

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