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AIR-CAP3702I iPad/Phone Guest access not working over 802.11a ( 5GHz )

We have a kind of BYOD access to Internet for iPhone users. We have a site C5508 controller with and a DMZ ( anchor )  C5508 controller running version as well.

We have several APs associated with the site WLAN controller; models are AIR-LAP1252AG, AIR-CAP3502I.

The iPhone clients work well with these APs, in both 2.4 and 5 GHz.


Recently we bought AIR-CAP3702I AP, got it associated with the site controller and iPhone users being connected to this AP complained they did not have access to Internet. All other SSIDs ( we have several ) worked fine.

I tried to make couple of changes and finally realized that if I turn off 5GHz ( 802.11a ) hard on this AP, the clients work well – means via 2.4 GHz.


I tried to upgrade the site controller to version, but this did not help and behaves the same way.

The site is a remote site and it is quite hard to perform tests directly with the users.


Does anyone have a clue what the issue could be about. Is it a kind of incompatibility between Cisco AIR-CAP3702I and iPhone in 802.11a ?





VIP Purple

Hi,There are some open issues


There are some open issues with 7.6 and 3700's.

Check this post:


You can try this to by-pass the issue.

1) modify the configuration on WLAN to accept the encryption TKIP (worked good on 5Ghz)

2) Forcing the network card to work only to standard 802.11B/G/N (2,4 Ghz) without  802.11A (5 Ghz)



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