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AIR-LAP1142 vs AIR-LAP1252

Hi guys,

I have a dilemma which LAP to use inside a new building. I couldn't find a good comparison in the official documentation, so it will be of great help if somebody can give me a piece of advice and share his experience. I wonder what is the difference between the ranges(1252 with basic AIR-ANT5135DG-R antennas)?

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Re: AIR-LAP1142 vs AIR-LAP1252

I have deployed both models. FOr an office building, I would go with the 1142's. I deployed the 1252's in our warehouse locations. These APs are heavy and the drop ceiling gridwork will need some beefing up to support them. I have have good luck with the 1142's but you will need to be running 5.2 code to support them.

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Re: AIR-LAP1142 vs AIR-LAP1252

Hi Georgi,

I like Davids assessment here (+5 points for sharing this info David :)

There are some comparitive notes here (pay special attention to the Powering Options for the 1250's vs the 1140's);

Cisco Aironet 1140 Series and 1250 Series Access Point

I thought that these presentations were excellent in explaining the "N" characteristics, especially the testing results! Have a look;

Cisco & Intel 802.11n Performance Results

Hope this helps!


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Re: AIR-LAP1142 vs AIR-LAP1252

Thanks both of you.

I guess it is much better to set this lovely compact 1142 LAP than 1252 with all this antennas(I need both 5 and 2.4 Ghz) :)

The test results were of great interest to me. I also recommend the following link - .

My question was mainly regarding the coverage area of the antennas, because I could hardly find after two-hour research that the integrated antennas of the AIR-LAP1142 are 3dBi for 5Ghz and 4dBi for 2.4Ghz(in the official cisco docs nothing). Compared to the 3.5 dBi gain antenna of 1252 I guess there is not much difference...

P.S. The support of standard PoE is great, but in my case it not of concern as I use 3750E switch because of the 10Gb ports...

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Re: AIR-LAP1142 vs AIR-LAP1252

It's a no brainer.

The LAP 1250 was designed to be deployed in wide open spaces such as warehouse, theaters, lecture halls, etc. Yup, it's as heavy as a bag of bricks!

The LAP 1140 (LWAP image only for the time being), is for office-type environments: alot of corners, rooms, compactors, etc.

Power is no longer an issue with the 1250. If you upgrade to the newer IOS, 5.x and 6.x OR the newer Autonomous IOS, a new firmware is inserted to the radios that will allow the 1250 to operate with 15.4 watts BUT at the cost of lower MCS rates.

Unlike the 1140, when purchasing the 1250 you need to consider also the antennaes, you need 3 per radio modules.

I shudder at philosophy to stick the 1250 upside down from a drop-down ceiling tile. I've deployed 1130s in 4 buildings and because of it's color and shape no one has noticed them. With the 1250, EVERYONE can see it and you'll get inquiries about health and radio frequencies.

Hope it helps.

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Re: AIR-LAP1142 vs AIR-LAP1252

Hello, I was reading your comments and I have a couple for you if possible.

1. I have a request on the Forum for any actual pictures of 1142 and 1252 LAPs hanging in production for a project and wonder if you might have any of these?

2. Are you using the Power Injector AIR-PWRINJ4 to power the 1252's using Dual Radios pulling the higher 18.5 watts?



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Re: AIR-LAP1142 vs AIR-LAP1252

We're not allowed to take pictures inside the client's premises or ICT security will be performing a full-cavity-search on me if caught ... particularly with their big, hairy hands, brrrrrrrrrr ... no way.

Anyway, no. Ever since I've been deploying the new IOS, 12.4(10b)JDA3 (for autonomous) or 5.X or 6.X (for LWAP). Because of this, I've been progressively removing the power bricks. The IOS mentioned will allow me to use the 1250 (with both radios operational) with standard PoE (15.4w). We never saw the need to use full power of the 1250. Our hands were forced with regards to the 1250 because the 1140 was not released until January 2009 and the autonomous IOS (for the 1140) was not ready until end of September 2009.

Hope this helps.

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