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Aironet 1130 AG - Occational connectivity issues

Hi all,

I do a lot of wireless rollouts most recently using Aironet 1130 AP's. I've been getting reports of intermittent connectivity - but nothing consistent, i.e for a while it works fine in one area, then doesn't, then does again. I've done all the usual troubleshooting and haven't found anything obvious.

I've done several other similar rollouts using 1200's and they have worked swimmingly.

Another point of note is when I do the site survey (I use Airmagnet Surveyor)... Experience leads me not to put the same faith into the results I get when surveying 1130's as I do when I survey using 1200's.

Anyone else have similar feeling regarding the 1130's???


Rhodri Jenkins


Re: Aironet 1130 AG - Occational connectivity issues

In workgroup bridge mode and is associated to a Cisco Aironet root bridge as a wireless bridge device. This configuration allows the Ethernet-enabled devices pass Ethernet traffic to and from the main LAN using the workgroup bridge. The main advantage of this configuration is that the wireless communication link can be over a longer distance than an access point supports. Typically, an access point can communicate over an approximate 1-mile range; however, the 2.4 GHz bridge-to-bridge wireless link can communicate over an approximate 21-mile range.

New Member

Re: Aironet 1130 AG - Occational connectivity issues


Yes I am seeing the same thing. I am testing an 1131 and it is right next to an old Apple Airport whos signal always humms along at teh same level where as the Access Point seems to frequently loose signal or have higher noise thus decreasing access.

I'm not quite sure what's going on as both devices are close to each other (on different channels) and are not being interferred with?

If you figure it out let me know,

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