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Aironet 1200 and trunking management and access vlans

Our Aironet 1200 APs currently have their management interfaces on the same VLAN as the wireless clients get connected to. I would like to bring this in line with our switch configuration standard where the management interface is on a separate management VLAN.

I found which has been quite helpful in getting the trunk between the switch and the AP configured.The switch and the AP are now successfully connected via a trunk on the correct native VLAN and the AP is pingable on an IP address on the management VLAN.

My problem, however, is that I am now stuck at the point where wireless devices successfully associate with the AP but are unable to get IP addresses on the client network.

I suspect that this is a configuration issue with the wireless client access vlan on the AP as I have verified that the VLAN is correctly configured all the way up the switch where the AP is connected to. (If I connect a wired device to a port on that switch configured in the wireless client VLAN it gets an IP address on the correct subnet)

The management VLAN is 357 and the wireless client access VLAN is 999.

Attached is the relevant bits of my config. What am I missing?


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