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New Member

Aironet 1200 Problem - Any help greatly appreciated

Hey there,

I'm setting up a wireless network in the Cisco lab of our school and am running into a problem with our AP. I am unable to get into the configuration settings.

Device information: AIR-AP1220B-A-K9

I can ping the AP but I cannot access it through a web browser. I captured the loading information through the console port :

Testing DRAM...

(press <esc> to bypass)


Power-on reset.

Copyright 1996-2000 Cisco Systems, Inc.

Copyright 1984-2000 Wind River Systems, Inc.

System ID: 000A411BEA8E

Motherboard: IBM405 200MHz, 8192KB FLASH, 16384KB DRAM, Revision 03

Bootstrap Ver. 1.00: FLASH, CRC 1C914641 (OK)

Initialization: OK

Memory Bank total used left

DRAM 16742624 0 16742624

Config 524288 444 523844

FLASH 7602176 1206120 6396056

Memory Bank:File address size encoding type flags

a) Config:AP Installation Key FF820000 80 none Key 0000

b) Config:AWC_ConfigDB FF820050 364 AiroDB1 Data 0000

c) FLASH :EnterpriseAP Sys 11.42 FF8A0000 1024492 gzip Exec 0901

d) FLASH :EnterpriseAP Web 11.42 FF99A1EC 121152 .tar.gz Web 0000

e) FLASH :Inflate Ver. c14o FF9B7B2C 7496 gzip Dcdr 0900

f) FLASH :350 Series FW 4.99.38 FF9B9874 52900 .tar.gz Data 0000

g) FLASH :AP Installation Key FF9C6718 80 none Key 0000

Inflating "EnterpriseAP Sys 11.42"...

2829952 bytes OK

Loaded driver for device "emac0", ifIndex=1.

Loaded driver for device "awc0", ifIndex=2.

Configured device "awc0" as IP address "", network mask 0xfffffc00.

Attaching network interface lo0... done.

Configured device "lo0" as IP address "", network mask 0x00000000.

Adding 2 symbols for standalone.

Please enter username: (0) *Whatever*

(Auto Apply On) ^R, =, <ENTER>, or [Link Text]: *Whatever*

Please enter username: *Whatever*

(Auto Apply On) ^R, =, <ENTER>, or [Link Text]:

When a username is inserted the device simply hangs and when you press enter it provides the choices above. Regardless of what is entered it will again ask for a username and it will repeat this in a cycle. I have followed procedure in resoring the AP to default settings, have attempted telneting into it with no success, and have bypassed the DRAM test with no improvements.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Re: Aironet 1200 Problem - Any help greatly appreciated

The default user name and Password is Cisco with a capital C...have you tried that?

New Member

Re: Aironet 1200 Problem - Any help greatly appreciated

Thanks for such a quick response, Mr. Preves. I have attempted logging in with Cisco as well as cisco. It seems as if the AP isn't even processing the username inputs. I wasn't sure if anyone else had dealt with an issue similar to this one.

That was a good question though, and if you feel I've overlooked anything else please let me know.

Thanks for everyone's help.


Re: Aironet 1200 Problem - Any help greatly appreciated

something is wrong with your could try to blow it out and install IOS, if the AP will allow you to perform the ctrlZ function during startup. Since you have a VX works code 11.42 the Mode button doesn't work yet.

Read this

and see if this works for you. you will need the 'Upgrade to IOS image v.3' first and then you go from there to a flavor of IOS.

It's an arduous process and may not work anyway, so time might be more important that buying another AP, but give it a shot...

New Member

Re: Aironet 1200 Problem - Any help greatly appreciated

That sounds like a reasonable solution. I will be making my first attempts to implement it over the next few days. If nothing else, it will prove to be an interesting experience!

I really appreciate all of your help and, hopefully, I'll be responding back with the positive results soon.

Thanks again