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Aironet 1242AG Ethernet error


Im having an issue with my 1242AG AP that i cant seem to find a solution for.

I was working away configuring RADIUS and it decided to reboot itself, strange enough but then once it started to reload i got the following:

Reset ethernet port 0...

then nothing. The status lights are:

Ethernet - RED

Radio - OFF

Status - Light Blue (near white?)

Ive checked the LED documentation and it say that its an Ethernet error.

My problem is that this is the 2nd one in as many days that has done this and i dont know how to get it going again.

Ive done the manual reset (as per manual)and it just sits there doing nothing aswell, always displays the flashfs[0] text then the reset ethernet port 0... then no further.

Other posts seem to get to the ap> prompt at least to be able to do some sort of config.

Anybody know of anything to get this going??

Any help would be appreciated.


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Re: Aironet 1242AG Ethernet error

Really need some help on this if there is any??

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Re: Aironet 1242AG Ethernet error

Hi Rob

Based on your description here, I would think that the LED status for an Ethernet Failure should be - Ethernet = RED; Status = YELLOW.

If this is the case I don;t think that even the manual reset (by holding the MODE button in for 30seconds while poweing on) will work.

Is the AP connected to an Ethernet switch? If so, can you see if the interface on the switch is UP.

If the AP is connected and the Interface is DOWN, try the manual reset again as describe above as I have found discrepancies in documentation before and see if it works. If not, then best bet would probably be to RMA the unit and get a replacement.



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Re: Aironet 1242AG Ethernet error

Hi Steven

Thanks for your reply, the ethernet interface is down, when i connect a cross over cable (tried straight through too)from my laptop to the AP, my laptop says thats its interface is down, so that means that the AP interface is also down as there are no status lights at all and the lappy cant see anything at the far end.

Ive tried the manual reset (holding MODE for 30 sec while powering on, it takes the status light to pink and the radio light to red but still the same, nothing happens except the:

flashfs[0] checks then the RESET ETHERNET PORT 0....

It never comes back saying its reset the interface like most other errors ive found on the forum.

This is the 2nd one thats done this while ive been configuring it? I cant believe that a configuration statement will kill the AP like this?


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Re: Aironet 1242AG Ethernet error

Hi Rob

In my previous post I explained how to reset the AP (Mode button depressed for 30secs while powering on). NOTE: This will reset the AP in order to reload the image.

If you want to reset the AP to the default configuration depress the MODE button for 2-3secs while powering on (Status LED turns Amber) and try to get it to boot.

If noy joy, then I still suggest RMA.

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Re: Aironet 1242AG Ethernet error

Also tried this, still no joy, nothing seems to fix the damn thing, i guess ill have to accept that its a brick for the 2nd time.

Dont think ill be purchasing another one of these AP's again what a nightmare!

Thanks for your suggestions.


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