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Aironet 1252


we have purchased 30 AIR-AP1252g-e-k9 access points which as I understand it come with a 2.4Ghz b/g/n module in them.

I also think that we have the 5Ghz antennae.

My first question is that is there a way to tell which antennae they are?

Second if we have 2.4 modules and 5 antennae does this have any affect or does it not matter?

Third what is the difference between the 2.4 and 5 modules? Am I correct in thinking that the difference is the 2.5 covers b g and n standards and the 5 modules cover a and n only. With 5.Ghz having less interference?


Re: Aironet 1252

Correct, the 1252G probably has one module with 3 antenna slots on it.

If you had the 1252AG, then I believe it would have 2 modules, with 6 antenna slots.

The typical 2.4 ghz antennas are rounded all the way around the antenna

The 5ghz antennas however are kind of square shapped around the antenna. I think it basically has two flat sides and the curves around between them. Do you have a part number for the antenna?

2.4 is b/g/n - more common

5 is a/n - less interference

I really can't answer for the 5ghz antennas on a 2.4 radio. I'm pretty sure that there is a Signal Attenuation issue when your antennas don't match. It might work, but probably not as optimally as it would if you had the correcct antenna

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