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Aironet 1261 AP Problem with speed.

Hi guys,

I appreciate I am not Cisco trained and probably should have never purchased such a piece of kit, but my SMB run from home needed stability so I thought I would try to enter the world of Cisco.

I have spent the week setting up the Aironet AP 1261, Standalone, Power through traditional adapter, 2.4ghz only. 1261 being single band.

I have researched each setting and option as much as possible but I am still only getting 65mbps max, I believe I should be able to achieve 144mbps with this hardware. Is that correct?

I have used a combination of the web interface and IOS via Telnet. (being a server administrator using SSH, Telnet was ok for me to pick up quickly).

I understand I need WAPv2, with AES CCM Encryption on an Open Security network in order to achieve the speed I am after.  These are all applied as far as I can tell.

WMM is the problem for me.  (Also a requirement I understand). The thing is I have found WMM in two locations.

1. Under the Network interface setup, which seems to related to the World Mode Management. (off, legacy and dot11d).

2. WMM is also Wifi MultiMedia.  Which is on.

I can only choose Legacy for the WMM in place 1 I mentioned, as the Country Codes are not populated which means I am unable to select dot11d.

Any help appreciated getting me to 144mbps.

If you also spot anything else dodgy with my amateur attempt of the config I love to know

Thank you in advance for tolerating someone trying to swim out of their depth.

Attached is my config.

Have a great week.

David J Cooper.

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Aironet 1261 AP Problem with speed.

I believe I should be able to achieve 144mbps with this hardware.

Yes and no.

1.  What is the uplink connected to?  FastEthernet or GigabitEthernet?

2.  How far are you from the AP?

3.  I presume you have connected three 2.4 Ghz antennas to the AP.  If you do, what is the model number?

4.  Have you updated the drivers to your wireless client?

New Member

Aironet 1261 AP Problem with speed.

Thanks for your reply Leo,

1. Gig.

2. Next to it.

3. 2 Antennas to AP that are the correct 2.4ghz counterparts.

4. clients updated.

I have now achieved 144Mbps on some clients.  However, several clients such as the HTC one that support enough spatial streams and very high connections are only getting limited speed.

Aironet 1261 AP Problem with speed.

Are you sure the client supports this data rate?

I just tested your config and i was able to achieve 130Mbps.

By changing the preamble, i was able to get to 144.

This is on a 1262 with the A Radio disabled.

New Member

Aironet 1261 AP Problem with speed.

Hi jsnyder81, did you change the preamble on the AP?  I am not familiar with this and need to research how to do it.

Yes the clients support the data rate, the HTC one is a prime example. For it has one of the best connections possible for a mobile device.

I now have 144Mbps on some devices, but only laptops.  Mobiles are not connecting faster than 72Mbps.

Thank you for your reply.

Re: Aironet 1261 AP Problem with speed.

Search out how many spatial streams the adapter supports. If it only supports one special stream the best you will get is 72Mbps depending in RSSI and SNR


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New Member

Aironet 1261 AP Problem with speed.

I cannot find out exactly but the HTC One supports "additional" spatial streams and I have seen other people gaining 250Mbps through the device. I am locked at 72Mbps.

Thanks for your input.

Re:Aironet 1261 AP Problem with speed.

The HTC one is an 802.11ac device with a single spatial stream. In order to get faster than 72Mbps you need to use wider channels which are only available in 5Ghz.

If you had a 1262, you could set the dot11radio 1 to 40Mhz channel and that would enable 144. Moving to 802.11ac you can go to 80Mhz channels for even faster rates.

Since you have a 2.4Ghz only AP, you will be limited to 72 with this client.

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