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aironet 1300 antenna diversity query

good day!

does anyone had already configured an antenna diversity for aironet 1300 with 2.4Ghz frequency?

we want to have a ring type network, we have a site A that needs to have a stable link and this site A has an line of sight to two active sites, this are site B and site C. site B is a root bridge and has a different frequency and SSID and site C is a non root and also has a different frequency and SSID, do i need to re configure the two sites (B & C) to have a uniform transmit frequency and SSID so that we can have an antenna diversity in site A? so that, in case the link between site A and site B will have a problem the data will be re routed to the site A and site C link. Can anyone give us some tips to make the antenna diversity works.

hoping for some replies. thanks!



Re: aironet 1300 antenna diversity query

maybe you are confusing diversity with redundancy??

If this is a point to multi-point setup and A is central to both B and C, then A should be the root bridge. B and C should be non root and have the same SSID as A. The channels are determined by the root bridge(A).

If the link between A and B goes down, C and A will continue to work only if A still works. B will still be down. If A goes down, both B and C are dead.

You will need to do multiple bridge shots with two root bridges as in A to B and A to C and possibly B to C with a bunch of spanning tree in there somewhere.

You should research this further; at this point the shot itself isn't the hard part, it's getting the fail-over to work correctly.

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