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Aironet 340 and 350 differences

I am interested in either the Aironet 340 or 350. The only difference I can seem to find is the 350 is a higher powered AP. Is this the only major difference?

I am interested in a SOHO setup and my office is in a converted garage. I need to share the same broadband service in the house and the garage. The are about 300 feet apart, so I will most likely need the 350. Is my assumption correct? If power is the only difference, why does the 350 cost less then the 340?

Thanks for your input.

BTW do both the 340 and 350 allow a external antenna?

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Re: Aironet 340 and 350 differences

The 350 has a 100 miliwatt radio as opposed to a 30 miliwat radio on the 340. Also, the 350 supports inline power ( power over ethernet ) which is pretty cool.

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Re: Aironet 340 and 350 differences

In addition to in-line power and a higher output, the 350 is available in a plenum-rated metal casing - which means you can install it above any ceiling.

With wireless products, you always worry about the antenna placement first, then put the radio as close as possible, then take the network and power to the radio (that's why in-line power is such a big deal - we use to eat up a lot of the project budget on electrical outlets in the ceiling).

In your scenario, there may not be any benefit to any of these features, but the 340s have been phased out and the new price reductions only apply to the 350s.

You can get one from us for $567.75 (non-removeable antennas) or $643.50 (removeable antennas).

[sorry for the shameless plug, but you asked about pricing]

The removeable antennas let you increase the effective range - anything up to 1 mile (unobstructed).

Antennas are cheap - if it were me, I'd get the removeable model and add a 8dBi antenna (2.5x stock power) for $50 so you can connect from the far end of the house or yard.

Matthew Wheeler

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