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Aironet 350 Bridge associates every few seconds.


I've got a Cisco Aironet 350 Bridge associating with another 350 Bridge (operating as a relay) to another (root) 350 Bridge.

All bridges are running firmware revision 12.05

The link between the Relay Bridge and the Root Bridge seems to be working fine.

The link between the Relay Bridge and the non-root bridge seems to be malfunctioning. The log file shows every few seconds an entry as follows:

00:14:24 Info Associated to Parent [RELAY1]0040965bab37

This is continual... every few seconds another log entry is created that looks similar to the above (the time changes).

Additionally, the association light on the non-root bridge is blinking intermittently.

However, it is allowing data to flow across the link, although it is operating slower than it should.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

- Matt


Re: Aironet 350 Bridge associates every few seconds.

This error usually was indicative of an error in the link between the 2 devices. Make sure you are running the latest code for the device first. You may want to try lowering the speed of the links to test. There is a distance calculation utility you might find useful.

Was a link test succesful between the two devices?

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Re: Aironet 350 Bridge associates every few seconds.

I believe that version 12.05 is the latest code revision. This is already on both devices.

I also ran the distance calculation utility and was well within the parameters given there. I'm using a Yagi Antenna on one end, and Parabolic Dish on the other, and the total distance is under 1/2 mile.

The link test is successful with an average signal strength of 78%.

Examining the logs today, it looks as if the continual reassociation stopped abruptly at about hour 5 of uptime, came back at around hour 8 for around 15 minutes, then hasn't returned again (we're now at hour 22 of uptime).

Only thing I could think of that could be causing this would be strong winds at the relay location causing the antenna's to move slightly? Does this sound plausible?


Matt G.


Re: Aironet 350 Bridge associates every few seconds.

I would think that is a plausible explanation. What interference it is I can't say. From my experience though router issues ( hardware or software ) don't usually go away and come back it is almost always something affecting it.

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