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aironet 350 series pcmcia with ipaq

well, some 14 hours of installing/re-installing of drivers has brought me here. these forums have popped up a lot during my searches though so i'll give it a shot.

first is what i have:

ipaq 3950

expansion pack

pcmcia cisco aironet 350 series 802.11B wireless lan adapter

pocket pc version 3.0.11171 (build 11178) ie, ppc 2002

what i've downloaded/installed:

WinCE-PCMCIA-LMC-v230 from cisco (drivers for 350 series pcmcia card for microsoft ce) - which they said is ppc2002

where i'm at:

i've installed the software from cisco mentioned above. it's close to working because atleast my lights light up on the pcmcia card now and it will recognize the card. the error i can't seem to get around is this, "350 Series Radio is Not Associated"

when i edit my profile in the ACU software i kept everything default except SSID and WEP key. infact, here's what all my settings are on

SSID: my ssid

Client name: Cisco

Infrastructure Mode: Yes

Power Save Mode: Fast PSP

Network Security Type: None

WEP: my WEP is stored

Authentication Type: Open

User Name: blank

User Password: blank

User Domain: blank

Mixed Mode: enabled

World Mode: disabled

Data Rates: Auto

Transmit Power: Max

Offline Channel Scan: enabled

my driver version for ACU is: 2.30.11

firmware version is: 5.02.19

my network info:

linksys WRK54G router.

DHCP enabled

Wireless Network Mode: Mixed

i've locked down my network to only allow my mac IP address's for my hardware. the card i'm trying to use on my ipaq is the same card i use for my laptop therefore i know card is good and the mac ip address is OK.

i've soft reset and hard reset numerous times throughout all of my installing and re-installing. please help me out!

if you need any further information in order to try to assist me, please let me know and i will gladly provide you with whatever you need.


Re: aironet 350 series pcmcia with ipaq

What is the network setup like. Where do you want your PDA to connect to. Because Wireless connectiion can either be Peer to peer or Infrastructure based. I see from the profile information that you have selected infrastructure mode. In this mode you will need to have an AP (access Point ) to which the client will associate to. All traffic from and to the client will happen thru the AP. Do you have an AP setup for this.? If you are trying to connect one PDA to another without any AP then you have to select Peer to Peer mode in the profile instead of Infrastructure. This way you will be able to connect to the other PDA provided the profile matches.

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Re: aironet 350 series pcmcia with ipaq

thanks for your response. i'm still not connected, but i think i'm closer. since the last post i've upgraded to WinCE-PCMCIA-LMC-v260 which required me to upgrade my firmware to atleast 5.40.10 so i downloaded this 350-PCMCIA-LMC-PCI-v56008 to get to firmware 5.60.08

my card is still not associated!!!

i want the pda to connect to my home network and be able to surf the net, have my msn messenger on, aim messenger on and be able to sync my outlook. i have no access point. just a wireless router.

any more questions, please ask.

thanks again for the reply

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