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Aironet 3602e antennas



We are about to install few 3602e device in one mall (shopping centre) and I need some good external antennas to have better coverage. Any suggestions ? 

Another question is what to use outdoor, because Aironet 3600 is indoor stuff.




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You really, really need to

You really, really need to get a wireless site survey done.  


I can't even guarantee that putting external wireless antennas is going to make your wireless better or worst.


I'd agree to Leo to get

I'd agree to Leo to get Wireless Site Survey done.

For Antennas:

External Antenna Options and Patterns

AP 1600/2600 and AP 3600e

The following dual-band, dual-resonant antennas are available for use with the AP 1600e*/2600e and the AP 3600e:

AIR-ANT2524DB-R – Dual-band (Black) dipole (4 required) – 2/4 dBi Dipole

AIR-ANT2524DW-R – Dual-band (White) dipole (4 required) – 2/4 dBi Dipole

AIR-ANT2524DG-R – Dual-band (Grey) dipole (4 required) – 2/4 dBi Dipole

AIR-ANT2524V4C-R – Dual-band Omni-directional (1 required) – 2/4 dBi Ceiling mount Omni use

AIR-ANT2544V4M-R – Dual-band Omni-directional (1 required) – 4/4 dBi Wall mount Omni use

AIR-ANT2566P4W-R – Dual band directional (1 required) – 6 dBi Patch wall mount use


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I too agree with my friend

I too agree with my friend Leo:)  This is sort of an old post, but when I survey, its with the antenna I plan on using.  If a customer has coverage issues and ask me what antenna can they use to increase coverage, I say, your better off adding AP's to a poor coverage area than changing the antenna which means your changing the whole RF and also increasing the EIRP.  The EIRP will also affect how your clients connect, because if you boost the gain on an antenna, how are you boosting the gain on the client device.... your not.  That is why your better off add ap's, especially if your not doing a site survey.


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I've been using these with

I've been using these with 3602e LWAPs

Where ever possible, the antenna is mounted on the exterior of the building, and the AP inside.  I have a couple of these enclosures for where that configuration is not possible.


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