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Aironet & Airport Interoperability

I just deployed a WLAN for a customer whose using preexisting Apple Airport cards (which I believe are rebadged Lucent Silver cards). I set the 350 Series APs to emulate a plain-vanilla 802.11b AP.

The Apple ibook can see network servers & printers (via Appletalk, I believe), and the DHCP server shows that the client is pulling an address from the scope. However, the client does not show an IP address on its IP configuration window, and can't browse the Internet or get email. The 350AP shows the IP address of the ibook as "".

The AP sees the Apple as a "Generic 802.11b" client, and the Airport sees the SSID of the system I installed as a "network".

So, while it appears that Layer 2 is OK, and at least some Layer 3 traffic is passing, TCP/IP doesn't seem to be working. TCP/IP works just fine when the ibook is associated to an Apple Access Point.

My Win2K client with an Aironet card works perfectly, although I did see some reduced roaming functionality with the APs set to be 802.11b-compliant.

Not being familiar with Apples anymore (like since high school), and Lucent WLAN gear not at all, I'm looking for any thoughts or suggestions from the experts out there.

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Re: Aironet & Airport Interoperability

Try a static assignment first, sounds like your DHCP scope is set wrong. That way you can test IP for sure with pings etc... Make sure you have the gateway set for you router to the i-net.

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